In some stories the hen is portrayed as silly or hysterical but here she is industrious and clever. This is my short version of a tale by Felicite LeFevre.

One fine morning the little red hen was bustling about making the house tidy.  Her housemates, the cock and the mouse, were doing nothing at all but grumbling.

Across the valley lived a family of foxes all of whom were hungry. So father fox was dispatched to collect the cock, the mouse and the little red hen for dinner.

He burst in on the trio and with little trouble caught them all and stuffed them in a big burlap sack which he tied tightly and threw over his shoulder.  By then the sun was high and the day warm.  Fox decided to rest.  He set down his load and stretched out under a bush to nap.

Little Red Hen quickly brought her scissors out of her apron pocket and cut a hole in the sack. She sent Cock and Mouse off to collect three big stones…..one for each of them.  Once the stones were pushed into the sack Hen sewed up the hole and the three made their escape while Fox slept on.

When Fox woke it was getting to be dinner time and he knew he must rush home.  He shouldered the sack and trotted toward the river he must cross.  He decided to take a short cut even though the water was deeper there.  In mid stream he lost his balance and fell into a deep pool where he kept company with fishes ever after.

Safely back home the Cock and the Mouse quit their complaining and were happy to help around the house.  Hen took a holiday once a week.