METAL STAND (for 18" square glass panel)

$325.00 - per stand

7 lbs, 20x20x1"

If an 18" square glass panel is to be shown on a table or shelf it can be displayed in a stand. The two side brackets adjust to shape of the glass using an Allen wrench. All three brackets are lined with cork. The one offered here is well designed and well made to be sturdy and balanced and secure. 











$40.00 - per set

1/2 lb. per pair, 4x4x4"

If a glass panel is to be wall mounted brackets are available that are 4"x4"x4". The bottom bracket for wall mounting a glass panel has circular holes for screws. The top bracket has oval holes to allow for a slight adjustment when installing. The edges that will touch the glass are lined with cork. They hold the piece out from the wall so that it is illuminated by reflective light.